MID Consultative Process

The MID Process

The MID process involves a participatory approach towards elaborating a national strategy for sustainable development, aiming to take on board the aspirations of the whole society in order to create a strong sense of belonging to the nation.


A wide National Consultation Process (NCP) was launched in February 2010 with the aim to come up with a Green Paper, elaborating and embodying the needs and aspirations of Mauritian and to develop a National Vision on MID. The Green paper was submitted by Prof Odendaal in April 2011 and was a milestone in the process, as it recorded and expressed the peoples’ views and visions on how they wanted to see their country in the future. It was the result of some 70 working groups conducted with various stakeholders, such as the Government, Parastatal bodies, University of Mauritius, the Industrialists, the Private Sectors, the NGOs and the Civil Society.

MID Road Map

In its commitment to integrate Sustainable Development concepts and norms into its overall policies, Government is in the process of developing a MID Policy, a 10-year strategy and a detailed Action Plan to pave the way for the sustainable development of Mauritius. In order to achieve this objective, the Government adopted a Road Map for the MID Framework. The Road Map describes the various steps to be followed in order to develop a consolidated MID Policy, a ten year Strategy and an Action Plan.


National MID Vision


Based on the aspirations of the public, a National MID Vision was prepared and adopted by Cabinet in June 2011. The National MID Vision caters for the 5Es of MID and it has as main objective to make Mauritius a model of sustainable development.


MID Consultative Working Groups


To further consolidate the MID process, the Government constituted six working groups to work out on the following themes, covering the 5Es of MID, namely Energy, Environment, Education, Employment and Equity. Two working groups were set up for the Environment Sector. Four workshops per Working Group were held from mid June to the end of July 2011 in Mauritius and Rodrigues, with all concerned stakeholders from Ministries, Parastatal Bodies, Private Sector, Local Communities, Civil Society as well as other associations. Some 300 participants were mobilised for the 24 MID consultative workshops.

The objective of the Working Groups was to identify the means and ways of achieving the “National MID Vision” and come up with concrete recommendations in each theme which would feed in the process of formulation of the MID Policy, Strategy and Action Plan.


The final reports of the six Working Groups (Energy Final Version and appendix, Environment-Biodiversity, Environment-Pollution , Education, Equity ) were submitted on 16 August 2011. These reports comprise all the findings and recommendations of each participant in the Working Group. The six reports were circulated to all Ministries and Local Authorities for analysis and comments. Public meetings were also held at District Councils and Municipalities to gather the opinion of the public on the reports.


The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development has successfully moved to the next step of the MID Process and is now in the process of developing a proper framework for the translation of the National MID Vision into a concrete Policy, a ten year Strategy, together with an Action Plan

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14 June 2011
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