The success of a nation is first and foremost about the wellbeing of its people. People who are healthy, well-educated, and socially, economically and culturally empowered, become engaged, responsible citizens. Developing an individual’s full potential is both an endorsement of her basic rights as well as enabling her contribution to economy.


Government has called for the integration and promotion of social equity as a fundamental condition for sustainable conservation and natural resource use. It recognizes social and economic factors that affect natural resource use and biological diversity, and the important linkages between human well-being and healthy ecosystems.


Our sustainability model revolves around putting People at the centre of development. Our society and Institutions are committed to the principles of equity and social justice and participate fully in poverty alleviation and social welfare, in line with the Millennium Development Goals. Government also provides for the protection, welfare, development and empowerment of vulnerable groups.

Government has demonstrated its unrelenting drive to combat poverty in all forms and lift up our less fortunate citizens. Government remains strongly committed to deal with this problem and will continue to eradicate extreme and chronic poverty in the medium term.


Some of the government initiatives and strategies will include the following:
• housing projects for the benefit of vulnerable groups;
• innovative new financial vehicles which will mobilize substantial amount of financing for the construction of housing units for the poor (e.g Corporate Social Responsibility Fund);
• support to those families falling under the poverty line who are not in receipt of a housing grant but who wish to upgrade their houses;
• encouragement for a proper education which is critical for moving out of the poverty trap. (example, one off cash transfer for attendance and for those who succeed in their CPE exams.)


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14 June 2011
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