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What is Maurice Ile Durable Fund (MID Fund)

In June 2008, the Maurice Ile Durable Fund was set up by regulations under the Finance and Audit Act, as a specialized fund with the following objectives:

to finance projects, schemes or programmes –

a) for the conservation of local natural resources with a view to achieving sustainable development;
b) for mitigation against, adaptation to, and increase of resilience to, climate change;
c) for the promotion of sustainable consumption and production, including efficient use of resources, cleaner production, sustainable public service practices and increase in the use of sustainable products;
d) to explore and harness potential sources of renewable energy and to reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels;
e) to foster research, development and innovation with a view to promoting sustainable development;
f) for the promotion of energy conservation and energy efficiency;
g) to encourage the production of energy from renewable energy sources on a small scale by any individual, household, business or group and for the sale of any surplus to the national grid;
h) for sustainable transportation which promotes environment friendly and low emitting fuel-efficient motor vehicles, including buses under the Bus Modernisation Programme;
i) to encourage and promote sustainable waste management through waste reduction, reuse and recycling;
j) to educate people and raise awareness on sustainable development;
k) to encourage efficient and responsible use of water resources;
l) which are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.

Maurice Ile Durable Fund Committee

The MID Fund Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Dr. Shri Vasantt Jogoo. The other members of the committee are as hereunder:


Mrs. Joya Bhandari Ag Chairperson
Mrs. D. Lan Ng, Director Department of Environment, M/Environment & S.D
Mr. K. Seebundhun, Lead Analyst Lead Analyst, M/Finance and Economic Development
Mrs. Hansa Devi Bedacee-Dindoya Assistant Secretary, M/Fisheries & Rodrigues
Mr. V. Lutchmeeparsad Permanent Secretary, M/Public Infrastructure, NDU, LT & S. (Public Infrastructure Division)
Mr. Sarwansing Purmessu Principal Assistant Secretary, M/Local Government & O.I.
Mrs. P. Aujeet Assistant Secretary, M/Energy and Public Utilities
Mr. Sanjaysingh Annauth Assistant Accountant General
Mr. Raj Kishore Bunjun Ag. Principal Assistant Secretary, M/Public Infrastructure, NDU, LT and Shipping (Land Transport & Shipping Division)
Mr. Satyajeet Ramchurn Representative of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


The Ministry of Environment & Sustainable Development
Maurice Ile Durable Fund
6th Floor, Ken Lee Tower,
Corner Barracks & St Georges Streets
Phone: + (230) 203 6200
Fax: + (230) 210 0828





Mrs. Joya Bhandari Ag Chairman Phone: +230 203 6200
Vincent Chan How Co-ordinator Phone: +230 203 6200

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14 June 2011
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