Maurice Ile Durable Mauritius, 2012
    In response to the global energy crisis in 2007, Government became fully conscious of the importance of promoting renewable energy and sustainable development for the wellbeing of its citizens... more
  • May 2013

    Household Compost Scheme 13-18 May 2013
    A Household Compost Scheme has been designed by the ‘Maurice Ile Durable Fund’ which operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.. more

    Solar Water Heater Scheme 3
    The Solar Water Heater Project has started in 2008 to help Mauritian to reduce the electricity consumption, carbon dioxide emission and at the same time, to enable each and every Mauritian to enjoy the comfort of having access to warm water. This is in line with the Maurice Ile Durable Vision.... more
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In Focus

Maurice Ile Durable Policy, Strategy and Action Plan 2013

A team of consultants from Mott Macdonald (UK) Ltd in association with Lux Consult (Mauritius) Ltd has been recruited by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development... more


Maurice Ile Durable Projects and Initiatives 2013

At its sitting of 14 June 2013, Cabinet has has agreed to the implementation of the Maurice Ile Durable (MID) Policy, and Strategy Action Plan, which consists of four MID Priority Programmes.... more



Eco TV DVD Packs 2013Following the very successful broadcast of the first season of Eco TV on MBC1 TV at 20h00 in 2012  which was produced by Capital Media, Eco TV’s producer, there has been positive feedback and demands for a copy of the Eco DVD TV Series by many schools... more


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14 June 2011
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