MID Policy and Strategy

MID Policy and Strategy

In line with the Maurice Ile Durable initiative, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development is in the process of having a proper framework in place to translate the MID Vision into a concrete policy, a ten year strategy, and an Action Plan with particular focus on the following five thematic areas: Energy, Environment, Employment, Education and Equity.

Consultancy services for the development of a MID Policy, Strategy and Action Plan

A team of consultants from Mott Macdonald (UK) Ltd in association with Lux Consult (Mauritius) Ltd has been recruited by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to develop a Maurice Ile Durable Policy, Strategy and Action Plan. The objectives of the project are:

To develop a MID Policy and ten-year Strategy;
To develop a MID Action Plan with realistic and costed activities and projects;
To undertake a review of the institutional and legislative framework for sustainable development;
To develop indicators to monitor and make recommendations for the implementation of the MID Policy, Strategy and Action Plan


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14 June 2011
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