Household Compost Scheme 2013

The Household Compost Scheme has been designed to increase, to mobilize and to encourage participation of all the Mauritian population in environmental conservation and management so as to mitigate the serious adverse deterioration of environmental resources. At the heart of the Maurice Ile Durable Strategy is the principle that reducing the amount of waste we produce is better than recycling and recycling is better than disposal. The new strategy makes a priority of work that will either reduce the amount of waste we produce or encourage people to reuse materials rather than throw them away. We need to minimize the amount that we throw away and find alternatives to sending waste to landfill.

Eligibility of Household Compost Scheme

(i) Registration from 13th May to 18th May 2013, on a first come first serve basis;
(ii) Payment of Rs 200 by beneficiaries ay any Mauritius Post Offices (once registered) to cover expenses for training;
(iii) Compulsory attendance for training (2 hours);
(iv) Signing of a Charter Agreement between MID Fund and the Household;
(v) Upon completion of training on composting, each beneficiary will be provided with a free compost 220L bin, a DVD and a leaflet.

Partners for the Implementation of the Household Compost Scheme

1. Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
2. Ministry of Gender, Equality Child Development and Family Welfare
3. Mauritius Post

Further details about registration centers are available by clicking the following:

Compost Scheme (pdf file)

Registration Centers (pdf file)



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