Solar Water Heater Scheme 2

A new Solar Water Heater Scheme Phase 2 (SWH2) has been launched by the Maurice Ile Durable Fund and the SWH2 provides for a grant of Rs10,000 for purchase of a new Solar Water Heater to be installed at the places of residence of eligible householders. The grant shall be applicable to a brand new Solar Water Heater and must meet the following requirement:


minimum capacity of 150 litres and purchased from a supplier of SWH registered under the SWH2 with Development Bank of
SWH’s main structure and supporting frame to be corrosion proof (aluminum or stainless steel);
Supplier to provide warranty for at least 7 years against technical defect upon delivery and installation;
Supplier to deliver new SWHs of good quality and standard as per the specifications given in the quotations provided to the
householders and shall install and commission the SWHs at the householders’ residence within a maximum period of 4 months as from issue of the grant coupons by DBM;
Household applicant should pay a Rs 500 insurance premium to insure the new SWH against fire and allied perils (including fire, lightning, cyclone, explosion, among others) with the SICOM General Insurance Ltd over a minimum period of 5 years starting as from the date of installation of the SWH;
The Householder should not make any deposit payment at the time of asking for a quotation from the supplier. Payment should only be effected after the Householder has had its grant application approved by the DBM and after having received a grant coupon from the DBM. Only balance amount payable by the Householder (being the price of the SWH minus the deposit payment made, if any, and minus the grant of Rs10, 000 payable by DBM) shall be paid to the Supplier at time of delivery and installation of the SWH.
Guidance before making any decision on the volume of the SWH to be purchased:

Number of Family Members
1 or 2 Persons
3 or 4 Persons
5 or 6 Persons
7 or 8 Persons
150 L
150 – 200 L
250 – 350 L
350 – 500 L

The scheme is operated by the Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd (DBM), on behalf of the Maurice Ile Durable Fund (MIDF) and will soon invite 8,000 new applications on a first come first serve basis. A new press communiqué was released for new application for grant for the Solar water heater..


Communique Chauffe Eau Solaire


Brief on Press Conference on Solar Water Scheme2


FAQS on solar water Scheme2


List of Registered Suppliers


MOU between DBM and Supplier



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