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Water Faucet Aerator


As part of our national efforts to save water and make a judicious use of this precious liquid, the Maurice Ile Durable Fund and the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development are undertaking a campaign to promote the use of an innovative water saving device in the country known as the “Water Faucet Aerator”.

This programme is financed by the Maurice Ile Durable Fund and will specifically target heavy water users in the first instance such as Ministries and Departments, parastatal organizations, district councils, hospitals, schools, public buildings, restaurants, hotels, area health centers and community centers to improve water efficiency.  The distribution of a limited number of the water faucet aerators to these institutions will help demonstrate the effectiveness of this device in saving water and it will no doubt encourage them to install more such water saving devices within their premises.

The campaign is also aimed at inculcating simple water saving behaviour that will ultimately lead to a substantial reduction of water consumption among users of the water faucet aerator.  The use of a single water faucet aerator can lower water usage by 40-50% per minute which can lead to an annual saving of thousand of litres of water.  The use of such a device on a large scale will therefore be highly beneficial for the country in the long term.


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14 June 2011
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